Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monday Night OSR - To Drow or Not to Drow

   Monday Night OSR found the party still in the mines known as the "Mouth of Doom." They had originally passed on entering through the mouth of the skull cave-opening and instead opted for a rickety ladder heading down a hole into darkness. There they had lost Raff, their recent addition as fighter and guide to a bite on the neck by a seriously large cave-bat. 

   And that's where we picked it up from... The party gave the room a quick once-over and then moved to another door in the back of the room, leaving departed Raff to the darkness behind. 

   Warder Rysell had a listen at the door but heard nothing so Kazuki the Samurai gave the door a shove and opened it up. Their torchlight lit up a stairway running down some thirty to forty feet and the only reason they could see that far down was because another light in a room at the bottom of the stair illuminated the bottom steps. Voices could be heard below, some gruff and low, others higher and sharp, forming a heated discussion.

   Rysell the Thief tried slipping down the shadowy stairs to have a look and a listen but unfortunately his boot brushed a small pile of debris on the stair and little pebbles went plinking down a few steps. Warder Rysell froze and waited and luckily nobody down below seemed to have noticed. When he was far enough down to get a peak into the room Rysell saw two groups, about five men clad in leathers and carrying swords and crossbows and a group of three Drow with quarterstaffs. In between them were two human men bound at the hands by rope, one in robes and the other in armor.

   Rysell returned and told the group. Grey the Cleric gasped at the mention of the Dark Elves... A plan was devised, Rysell would try to pick off a Drow with his bow and then the party would charge in, hoping the men would maybe join their cause.

   Rysell did indeed fire a perfect shot into one of the Drow (a crit) and dropped him and the rest of the party moved forward into the room. 

   Surprisingly, as Grey noted, the remaining Drow gave up almost immediately and dropped their weapons. The men however weren't going to join the party's side as they tried grabbing at the bound men while firing at the party. The men could not get a hold of the two prisoners and found themselves facing melee with the party rather quickly. An affair that could have potentially gone poorly turned into a rout. Grey plunked a couple of foes with her sling and also healed Rysell who took the only enemy hit, a bolt to the side. Rysell for his part went on a bow firing (crit) frenzy, taking out both some of the men and a Drow. Kazuki found his swing, and moving around behind the men and blocking their escape, tore into them with his katana. The armored and bound human man, known as Cristof, managed to break his bonds, grab one of the Drow's fallen quarterstaffs and  laid into the men himself. The other prisoner, a mage named Kireon, was unable to slip out of his rope bindings but did back out of the fray.

   It was over almost as quickly as it had begun. Kireon was freed and both he and Cristof retrieved their gear taken by their captors. Speaking to the former prisoners the party learned that they were also strangers to the land they found themselves in, also brought here on great, wooden, flying sailing ships that somehow flew through the air. Upon being unceremoniously dumped into this barren and strange land they had been captured by the Drow and taken to these old mines where they were questioned as to the whereabouts of something called "the Ring." (no, not that "Ring") and as to whether one of them was the flying wizard. The party told the two men that they had also arrived by one of the strange flying sailing ships, and dropped here, but under slightly different circumstances regarding a trade for an amulet they possessed for safe passage out of a cursed town in the lands they hailed from. Many unanswered questions remain...

   [Players - I've updated the "Player Characters!" Google doc to reflect the experience and coins gained.  I'll place a link in the Monday Night OSR comments section in case anyone needs it. Grig the Dwarf and Bolduc the Halfling will be leaving to head back to Barrenton where they will bury their comrade Raff and spend the coins earned on ale, mead and more ale.]

   The Roll20 virtual tabletop along with Skype continues to be a welcome success to our games.

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